It’s Sunday. Diana went to the market with her mother. Mrs. Arifiawan wanted Diana to refresh her mind. Diana had not known yet about the result because Mr. Arifiawan didn’t tell her. He was very scared if Diana knew about it, she might demand him in order to allow her went to UK.
An hour after Diana and her mother left the house there was someone who knocked the door. Mr. Arifiawan opened the door and he found a man standing in front of him.
“Good morning, Sir.” Greeted the man.
“Morning. Who are you?” Asked Mr. Arifiawan with his curiosity.
“I’m your daughter’s friend. My name is Damar.” Answered the man.
“I’m sorry, but Diana is not here now.”
“My business is with you, Sir.”
“I don’t understand. What do you want, Son?”
“Sir, I know you’d been at school to take Diana’s TOEFL scores and I’m sure you’ve not told her yet about it. Sir, please let her and allow her to reach her dream.”
“How dare you are! You don’t know anything about me. Don’t act like you know everything about this condition!”
“I know your daughter, Sir. That’s the only her hope. Please let she or you will regret of what you did.”
“Oh… if anything happens to her, do you want to take a blame of her? Can you assure me that she will be safe there? Who stupid people that can guarantee it all?!!”
“I beg for sorry, Sir. I just want to make Diana doesn’t grieve anymore. She seemed so upset along her journey at senior high school. She almost has no friend. She is silent girl. She chose to be alone everywhere. She was angry when I tried to close to her, ‘till I know when she stared at bulletin board that she very wanted to expert in English. UK might be her destination. You ought to understand her, Sir. Please try…”
Suddenly, Mr. Arifiawan was speechless after listening to Damar’s words. He stared at Damar deeply.
“All decisions are yours, Sir. I just can give you suggestion. I think I should go now. Thanks for your time. Good morning.” Damar left Mr. Arifiawan.
Mr. Arifiawan realized that he was wrong. After Diana and her wife came back home, he then handed in the result to Diana. Diana was very happy after knew about it. Firstly, she didn’t ask for anything from her father. She just can be grateful of what she had achieved. When she told her mother that she wanted to register to a university, suddenly her father interrupted it. He told Diana that it would be better if she could continue her study to UK. Diana was very surprised. She hugged her father spontaneously. Her mother was crying when looked her husband and her daughter could be happy. Her father told that he and Mrs. Arifiawan would accompany her to have interview in order to get the scholarship. And if Diana was accepted, they of course keep accompany Diana until UK.
And finally, after trying hard and praying every day, Diana got the scholarship to UK. Endlessly she gave thanks to Allah SWT for everything. After that, Diana and family were preparing all the things that probably they needed to go there.


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